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I have many reader cards and questions to post on this blog, I’m getting behind. But I am taking a break today to give you a little more info on me.

I live in Nashua, NH, and we’re proud of our one little postage-stamp sized piece of baseball history: Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella broke the minor leagues’ color line in the United States for the Dodgers’ local farm team in town as Jackie Robinson readied himself for the bigs in Montreal. The catcher and pitcher soon followed Robinson to Brooklyn–and together, became baseball royalty. A mural painted on the wall of a local tire shop commemorates Nashua’s contribution to MLB and its culture, and I walk by it almost every day.

Anyway, comments are welcome on this, or on the fact that I look pretty dumb with pens in my pocket…

Thanks Alex Bier for taking this picture with his really cool camera.


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Can anyone answer this?

I have an oddball question for you. I recently came across an original
boxed set of the 1923-24 Walter Mails Game with instructions, rules card and
player cards. What I am wondering is that the package (and the contents as
pictured) lists 55 players compared the 56 in the SCD catalog. Can you give
me a little info in whether the red backs might have been the initial set
produced since there are less players than the Blue backs that I have seen
on-line. You do mention that the player info differs from red to blue, but
I want to make sure before I grade these and have someone state that the set
is missing one. Take a look at the scans and let me know your thoughts.

As far as we can tell, both have 56. Justin Moen, my partner in crime back in Iola, says:

From what I’ve seen, there are indeed 56 players in this set and, unless new
evidence suggests otherwise, the blue backs were issued first and in less
quantities as opposed to the red backs. And many variations of player
personal data between red and blue backs have been reported.

But of course we would like confirmation (or rebuttal) from the people who collect these cards or have knowledge dealing with them. Thanks!

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