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Good friend Rob Lifson’s at it again. AMong his auction inventory, he found 5 more cards to add to this set: Bill Coughlin, Bill Donovan, manager Hughie Jennings (new pose, hands in air as opposed to on the steering wheel), Germany Schaefer/CHarley O’Leary, and Ira Thomas.

Question for the vintage experts out there: Coughlin’s last year with the Motor City Kitties was 1908. Thomas wasn’t on the 1909 squad, either. We have to change the date, don’t we? Or, maybe change to 1908-1910?  Do we change it to 1909 or 1908, or do we just leave it? Drop your opinion in the comments, please.

Here’s the Cobb and Mullin his auction sold last year.


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Hate to dash the hopes of a faithful Standard Catalog reader out there, but someone please tell me what this is so I can tell the innocent collector who sent this to me (in a penny sleeve no less) that he’s not sitting on a one of a kind card from 1940 in gem condition that’s worth $20,000? I can’t quite ID what reprint it is…so I throw it to you…where did this thing come from?

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