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Uncataloged M cards

Paul  Stewart and Lew Lipset bring to our attention a rare and little-known set of M cards. We have some sleuths out there in the hobby trying to figure out what they are and what exactly constitutes a set, but can you help? These cards are 5” x 8”, are on glossy stock and has a dark red or maroon color, and there’s a Gehringer, Waner, Pepper Martin and Vosmik card in the set. Help us ID these and catalog them properly.


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Rob Lifson loves sending me uncatalogued stuff that drifts over his desk as part of his auctions. Here’s are some 1910 D380 Clement Bakery beauties—Mullin, Sweeney, and Lagoe—that will be in the 2009 Standard Catalog. Thanks Rob!

(right click on the pic and select “view image” to see all 3 cards…I think you should get a magnifying glass pointer and be able to blow up the image, too—if your browser works like mine)

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Hey, just got some tremendous news from the Krause/F+W brain trust with which I am allowed to go public: There will be a DVD edition of the Standard Catalog included free with the 2009 edition. Apparently, the “1.0” CD-ROM edition they put out this year was received with such enthusiasm—and of course input from this blog—that they green-lighted it for next year. Don’t know much about features, except that it will be in PDF format.

I’ll post updates as I hear them.

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This is an excellent question from reader Carl Kirby.

I recently purchased the 2008 Sports Collectors Digest  Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards. It is a great product. I really enjoy using it for my collection. There are a few card that I cannot locate in the catalog. They may or may not be in the catalog. One card in particular is the 1994 Upper Deck Trot Nixon Star Potential #270. Is this card in the book?

This is the card you’re talking about:

It is from the 1994 Upper Deck Minors set. It’s not in the catalog. Sadly, some of our minors sets had to go to make room for the ever-expanding majors offerings in the book. Of course, classic vintage minors sets like Zeenut and PCLs will stay.

By the way, this card is often confused with Trot’s actual 1994 Upper Deck #543 major-league rookie, which looks like this:

Which is neither here nor there, it’s just that it’s easy to see how the confusion started in the first place. A lot of Red Sox collectors—and now Indians collectors—have paid a price when an ignorant eBay seller passes off his minor-leaguer as an actual rookie card. Thankfully it’s not worth a whole lot of dough, so it’s not a very steep price to pay.

Also a propos is a typo I found while poking around the Upper Decks…in the 1993s on p.1544, We called Walter Iooss “Looss” in the headline for his insert set. We’ll fix that in ’09.

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Reader Paul Conan writes:

I recently purchased the 2008 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards and it is an amazing resource. [Thanks] There is a set that I have not located in the book and believe it may have been omitted. The set is the 1973 Giants TCMA 1886 set. The site oldbaseball.com has the set listed [here]. The same set is listed on cardpricer.com [here]:

I have not seen any card images from this set online. I collect James O’Rourke cards and photos, and he has a card in this set. If you verify that there is a 1973 Giants TCMA 1886 set, please let me know. If I can’t get the actual O’Rourke card I’d at least like to locate an image of the card.

Looks like a keeper to me. Does anyone reading this blog have a scan of the O’Rourke card or any card in this set they can send me (don at virtualcrate.com?) Thanks.

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Brett Craig writes:

Dont’ know if any one had informed you that on page 440 of Standard
Catalog is missing info on cards # 456-598 . I imagine with such a
large volume it is extremely impossible to make every edition perfect .
Thank you for the greatest referance guide in the hobby.

Oh yes, we are extremely aware of this. Many readers have wrote in to gently point out to us (thank you all!) that a production glitch blew out the last 150 cards of the 1965 Topps set. You, however, are the first to bring it up since I launched the blog, so you have “the honors” of being the official pointer-outer here. It will be fixed in 2009. He continues:

With the recent passing of Larry Fristch I was reminded that I contacted Joe
Clemens with an email early last year about a sample card for one of
Mr. Fritsch’s 1986 Negro League Baseball Stars featuring card #11
Jackie Robinson. The info must have not been passed along to you . I
just bought a new scanner and will try to post a scan for you in the
near future.

We look forward to posting that here.

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A new discovery! Actually it’s an old discovery from reader Jason Lange (thanks for sharing), but something that will make its way into the 2009 Catalog. Pricing input needed if anyone else has these—or any great theories/justification on what to price them. I’m going to write more on this in SCD, but here’s a little eye candy for the Tribe faithful, none other than Bob “Rapid Robert” Feller as an 18-year-old strikeout machine.

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