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Have you seen me, says The Mick. Some of you may already have seen a squib I wrote in SCD about this, but I still seek leads on it. Thus I reprint:


Bill Morrissey of West Boylston, MA, writes:

Just got done reading SCD about the new catalog, getting mine as a Christmas present. I have been collecting cards since 1950—Topps, Bowman and whatever else was offered up until 1996. One set I have been trying to find something about is a postcard set of put out by Union Novelty Co. of Los Angeles. It is a 20-card set.

Morrissey goes on to list the cards in the set, which includes six cards depicting Mickey Mantle, two Mantle/Roger Maris cards, two Lou Gehrigs, three DiMaggios, Gehrig/DiMaggio, DiMaggio/unidentified player, Maris, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto, and Babe Ruth. All of them are sweet blue duotones that cast the Bomber greats in a classic vintage light.

Questions we have of readers: Can you shed more light on this set—what year was is released, is Morrissey’s 20-card set complete, and where and why was it sold? Here’s the back:


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Reader Brian Engles has a Babe Ruth pin just like this one (Hyee Auctions, eBay) that sold for $292 in October. Where in the “PM” series pins on p.307 of the 2008 Standard Catalog does it belong? Is it a 1950s-’60s and is missing the ribbon on the back?

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Thus we begin the blog for the SCD Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards. I am going to post reader queries here and hope to help facilitate the cataloging of uncatalogued finds as well as the proper identification of misidentified cards and (I hope this doesn’t happen too often) the identification of frauds and reprints.

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